Value with values

We believe that food and drink, whenever possible, should be sourced locally. We are committed to supporting local farmers, bakers, cake makers and other suppliers within the Anglian counties.  We have a clear set of values that we follow in both our cafes and catering business, focusing on our commitment to local produce.

Value with Values:

  • Delicious, quality Anglian ingredient
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Fresh, seasonal food
  • Hand-made by our small team
  • Great service-every time
  • If it doesn’t biodegrade, we recycle it.

We understand that there has to be small exceptions, for example we haven’t yet found anyone growing coffee in the five Anglian counties! However our coffee beans are roasted in Lincolnshire, to our own unique blend.

There are many great benefits to buying and eating local food, here are just a few:

You are supporting local farmers and producers: Most local food producers are small or ‘micro’ businesses which can’t, at least at the start, distribute more widely. We support start ups and pay them a fair price.

You get to enjoy great quality and tasting produce: Local food has less far to travel so can be delivered and sold soon after it is picked. This means that the food will be fresher and at its best flavour wise.

You are supporting your local economy: Buying local not only supports the producers in your area but the small shops, and businesses that sells them.

You cut the distance food has to travel: Most food has to be flown in from other countries, therefore buying local reduces greenhouse gas pollution.

You can eat seasonally: Eat the best the season has to offer. 

We truly believe that local food matters!