Local Indulgence Conference Menu

Local Indulgence Conference Menu

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Price: £13.75
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Our Package Includes:

  • Registration/Morning Break Refreshments 
  • Lunch
  • Dessert 
  • Afternoon Refreshments


Staffing will be required at your conference, (this is an additional charge):

For parties up to 40 we suggest 1 member of staff

Up to 80; 2 members of staff

Up to 120; 3 members of staff


Registration/ Morning Refreshments

Freshly Brewed Filter Coffee and Tea Selection

Our delicious filter coffee uses Colombian coffee beans that are roasted in Lincolnshire to our own recipe. We provide a selection of fair trade tea options including:

  • Early Grey
  • English Breakfast
  • Green Tea
  • Camomile
  • Peppermint
  • Green Tea and Peach
  • Red Berry and Flower
  • Great Decaf
  • Lemongrass and Ginger

Served with:

  • Sugar and Sweetener
  • Fresh Milk
  • Stirrers
  • Napkins

Franks Luxury Mini Biscuits

Delectable made to order biscuits by our local baker Frank.

They come in a range of different flavours from chocolate and orange to all butter shortbread. We will happily provide a selection based on your needs.

Jugs of Water


Ciabatta Platter

Our Ciabattas are locally made by our small Cambridge baker. On each platter, we offer a selection from the following, freshly made to order:

  • - Farmhouse Mature Cheddar Cheese & Suffolk Red Onion Marmalade
  • - Kiln Roast Salmon & Cucumber
  • - Freedom Food Roast Chicken Salad
  • - Wicks Manor Essex Honey Roast Ham with Suffolk Cider & Horseradish Mustard and Mixed Leaf salad
  • - Egg Mayonnaise – using free-range eggs, garnished with rocket (v)
  • - Hummus and Tomato – hummus handmade by our chef with tomato and mixed leaf salad (v)
  • - Farmhouse Pate, Cucumber and Salad
  • - Brie and Cranberry Sauce from Suffolk
  • - Freedom Food Roast Chicken, Avocado and Tomato
  • - Prawn and Avocado
  • - Goats Cheese, Roast Pepper and Sundried Tomato

 (v) Vegetarian – if no specific fillings are requested we will always provide half vegetarian and half non-vegetarian fillings that will be split onto separate platters.

Handmade Seasonal Premium Quiche

Handmade freshly to order using seasonal produce sourced from the Anglian region when possible.


Please choose two of the following salads:

Feta and Olive Salad – Our simple feta and olive salad really brings out all of the flavours of Greece.

Green Leaf Salad - Simple and healthy salad made with mixed leaves and served with a vinaigrette dressing.

Fresh Coleslaw - Our freshly hand-made coleslaw contains carrot, cabbage, onion and mayonnaise.

Potato Salad - Freshly cooked new potatoes with mayo and chives for some extra freshness!

Salsa Salad - Fresh and zingy salsa salad includes chopped tomatoes, red onion, pepper and a sprinkling of coriander.

Cous Cous Salad - Freshly made couscous mixed with colourful roasted vegetables.


Crisps and Dips Platter 

Chef made dips with local Fairfield Farm crisps(v)



Luxury Tray Bake Selection

Please choose one or two of the following tray bakes:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Platter - Delicious, handmade chocolate brownies. Made to our own special recipe, you really will taste the difference.

Flapjack Platter - A scrumptious butter and honey flapjack tray bake made by our local dessert company.

Rocky Road - Try our tasty rocky road platter topped with mini marshmallows.

Lemon Drizzle and Blueberry Tray Bake - Our lemon and blueberry tray bake is a delightful and refreshing.

Gluten Free Millionaires Shortbread - This classic is a great gluten-free treat, with buttery shortbread, caramel and flavoursome chocolate.

Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Brownie Platter - Delicious, handmade chocolate brownies. Made to our own special recipe, you really will taste the difference.


Small Fruits Platter

A selection of fresh fruit is an ideal way to finish off a meal. These fruits have been especially chosen for their size, making them easy to eat.


Afternoon Refreshments

Freshly Brewed Filter Coffee and Tea Selection

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites

Delicious, handmade chocolate brownies. Made to our own special recipe, you really will taste the difference.

Jugs of Water


Jugs of tap water will be provided as standard with the lunches however you can add some local organic fruit juices or local fruit cordials for only £0.65 per person. Please ask for more details.




For allergens within products on this menu, please either see individual product descriptions on this website or contact us for more details